Box Divider
Box Partition
Cardboard Corrugated Dividers
Box Divider
Box Partition
Cardboard Corrugated Dividers


If you are manufacturing small items such as injections, lipsticks, and many other, then your packaging requires cardboard dividers too. The cardboard dividers should be of exceptional quality to keep every piece of product at its proper place. The wilted or low-quality partition can damage the product. Its weight and quality matter a lot as it is responsible for providing strength to your product during shipping. We offer top-quality custom made product partition at a low cost.

MOQ 50 Boxes
Stock Cardboard/Corrugated
Printing CMYK & PMS
Dimension Custom Shapes & Sizes
Lamination Gloss/Matte
Finish Foil Stamping, Embossing
Free shipping & handling within USA & Canada.
Free graphic design services, until it's perfect.
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6-8 business days, once artwork approved.
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Customization and Size Selection

Box divider is a perfect packaging solution for many products. It saves the expense of packaging every object in separate packs. Hence, it proves to be highly economical. These must fit your products as the same size won't work for all. Thus, it is necessary to share the details of your products and the required dimension of your product partition. The least quantity that you can order is 50. Considering the low quality for the cardboard partition would affect the rigidity and erected nature of dividers. Hence, the eloquent quality of stock is necessary for this. As the turnaround is concerned, so it is being delivered to your doorstep in just a few business days. Precisely the same as custom printed boxes, the size of your cardboard divider matters a lot. Hence, we focus on these and provide you the perfect one as your business niche.

Benefits of Cardboard Box Divider

One of the significant advantages of box dividers is that it keeps one object segregated from the other. There are no chances of products bumping each other, so the risk of damage or wear and tear is prevented. Object integrity is appropriately maintained. In addition to this outstanding benefit, another fantastic benefit is that it perfectly works as a storage box. It stores the objects for a more extended period. Such trendy and stylish cartons are highly useful, especially for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. You can safely store many lipsticks in one package, no more lipstick boxes for each piece. Likewise, you can place a plethora of syringes in one container without the chance of being damaged.