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Custom Shippers/Mailers and Their Types

A significant change occurs as soon as the product enters the customized packing box. A box is not just a piece of cardboard but also a part of the product itself. The packing box works as a guard for the protection of the product.

The Shipping Boxes are an essential item for the products' safety and promotion. Marketing teams realize the importance of presenting custom printed boxes. Product and logistics teams have found that they are essential for packaging goods to fulfill their desired function.

AnyCustomBox works with packaging experts to create high-quality customized shipper and mailer boxes. We are here to help our customers expand their business, deliver high-quality products, and develop their brands. Have you ever wondered if a humble shipping box can do so many things? Read on to find out why we are excited to offer our customers personalized boxes.

Custom Mailing Box Designs by AnyCustomBox

To better fulfill our customers' requirements, we have integrated the ability to manufacture almost any type of shipping and mailing boxes from corrugated cardboard. Starting with a shipping box that ends with a truly unique country design, we can meet most customers' needs. Take a look at our mailing box deals - and if you're not sure what you need, we'll help you find out!

Full Overlap Cartons are another type of cardboard boxes used in many cases making everyday tasks easier. As the name indicates, these boxes' flaps are designed so that they completely overlap each other. These boxes are perfect for shipping heavy goods. If you are looking to order these boxes in high-quality at an affordable price, then you've come to the right place.

One Piece Folder Box There are so many different types of cardboard boxes, each suitable for other purposes, and one of these types is a one-piece folder box. As the name indicates, this cardboard box folded into a die-cut box, later on, to give a folder like a box shape. AnyCustomBox is a team of professionals to design and customize the cardboard boxes of your choice. We can make it a box of your dream by keeping in mind all your specified ideas and making the box accordingly.

Regular Slotted Cartons have four flaps at the top and four at the bottom. All the flaps on top are of the same length, and the width of the outer flaps that are the lengthwise flaps is half to that of the container width. Due to this, they meet at the center of the container when closed. The tape is then required to seal them entirely so that there's no chance for them to fall out and remain safe. If you are delivering some delicate items, then the walls of this container can be made healthy by adding one or two extra layers of cardboard in the form of slotted pads.

Literature Mailers are boxes made up of corrugated Kraft material. These boxes can be of different sizes; they can be wide enough to carry books, magazines, and stationery. Or they can be of minimum width like that of a file to have only essential documents. Mailers are die-cut boxes that are cut in a specific design to be folded and assembled later on to give it a shape of a box.

Folding Cartons are made mostly in the same style, which is top end tuck-in design. In this style, the box's lid is tucked in from the top side, having three flaps in total, two interiors, and one exterior. There is a type of this box; it is a die-cut box folded and then glued and tucked in. Moreover, we can customize it in any other style according to the desire of the customers.

We also make other boxes like Die-Cut Carton, Half-Slotted Container, Design-Style Tray, etc.

AnyCustomBox offers single and double wall corrugated board with different capacity levels. We can print in different colors on both sides of your box and offer brown kraft and white cardboard corrugated.

For more information on shipping box design options, call us at 800-944-8773.