The Benefits and Types of Retail Boxes

Types and Benefits of Retail Boxes

Most of the people handling their businesses have to deal with retail and wholesale for most of the things. Many major and minor things demand attention, and if ignored, it can cause a huge loss. Let us take the example of custom retail boxes. A retail packaging box is supposed to represent your business in one way or the other. It is how you can tell what you are and what you deal with within your business. And keeping in mind these major aspects attached to such a small object, how can one just let it be so ordinary, right? That is why retail boxes are out there to save the day.

After making up the mind to go for retail boxes, now it's time to think about what types of boxes should be suitable for your products? Not to forget that despite being attractive on the outside, the retail packaging box has to be secure on the inside to protect the product packed inside in the whole shipping and delivery process. As we know, shipment is an intensive one as the boxes to be delivered have to go through some phases. Please get to know about the types of boxes available to select the best type of box for the perfect product type, each manufactured differently using high-quality materials. Let's get to the types of custom retail boxes.

Types of Retail Boxes

Mainly there are three types of retail boxes depending upon the material used to pack most of the products.

Rigid Boxes

First type is the rigid box. There is a fine line between rigid boxes and folding cartons. The only difference between them is that the box cartons can be opened and flattened by opening the interlocks with the help; they are formed into a box shape. On the other hand, rigid boxes are handmade and cannot be opened and flattened as there are no interlocks present in them; they are rigid. These boxes can be used as gift boxes or jewelry boxes because the finishing with which they are made is very fine. Moreover, if you want to customize these boxes, they can get transformed into a beautiful printed box according to your desired design and the need for your product.

Corrugated Boxes

This type of boxes, known as corrugated boxes (you might be familiar with this type if you visit our blog regularly), is a bit hard compared to the other retail boxes. These boxes are hard in material because of an extra zig-zag layer added between the two layers while manufacturing them. This zig-zag layer makes them hard, and it becomes easy for them to handle the pressure from the outside while shipping the products. As we know, the harsh phases, different temperatures a shipping box has to go through to reach its destination. Sometimes the packaged products are fragile and need careful handling. Therefore, these boxes are best for shipping purposes. Corrugated Boxes are best suitable for the packaging of fragile products as they can keep such products safe by being hard.

Folding Cartons

Last but not least, a folding carton is another type of retail boxes. Folding cartons are different from rigid boxes, as mentioned earlier, and are not very thick like the corrugated boxes. They can be opened and flattened for storage by opening the interlocks. Folding cartons are not like shopping bags but come in various thicknesses and sizes, shapes, and weights depending on the product that is supposed to be packaged in them. These retail boxes can serve the purpose of display boxes for your business and are also suitable for small products' packaging.

The perfect thing about these retail boxes is that they can be easily customized according to your choice. Whatever style you choose and whatever print looks suitable with the product inside can be easily attainable too in a cost-effective way. In short, you can get an attractive looking perfect box that can fit different purposes by not going heavy on the pocket.

Benefits of Retail Boxes

Using custom retail boxes for your business has several advantages for you. First of all, they are very easy to customize and look good and attractive on the outside. Therefore, they can be used for display boxes or as gift boxes by adding a ribbon or a gift bow. Secondly, they can be easily stored and reused for several purposes later on. For example, they can store things or transport any goods from one place to another.

Your Brand Gets Popularity

Once you have chosen a specific color theme and design for your retail boxes and get your logo printed on it and your business's details, it gets easily recognizable by the people every time they see the box. When the boxes are displayed on the shelves of any store containing all the required details, it becomes easier for them to get access to you and get to know about your business. The details need to be mentioned so that whoever sees it, whether for the first time, feels no need to ask around about it as the retail box says it all.

Serves as Gift Boxes as Well

As mentioned earlier, these retail boxes can also be used as gift boxes. Are you wondering how? As you have already customized them with beautiful prints, so there's no use of wrapping if you are giving it as a gift to your loved one. These boxes can also be custom made according to the desired size and shape, so you don't need to worry. You have to put a ribbon on top, and you're good to go. And side by side, they are also advertising your business. Firstly, the person who picks it as a gift gets to know about you, and secondly, the person who receives the gift gets to know all about your products and company and would want to visit.

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